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Wes Gould

Profession Surf Ironman






Swimming / Board Paddling / Running / Surf, Ocean & Down-river Ski Paddling


Surf Ski, Running & Board Paddling


I first want to share how I came to paddle a BOS - Toward the end of the season, I had damaged my ski. Fortunately, my coach, Ky Hurst (who so happened to be exactly the same leg length and also loves the colour yellow) offered to lend me his ski while my ski was repaired. From the moment I jumped on and punched the first white water I knew I wouldn’t paddle anything else! Ky was generous enough to share his ski with me for the rest of the season including Aussies and up until Reece crafted my own BOS. Reece and the BOS team have relentlessly pushed design and innovation of their surf-ski. This drive to create the best possible craft instills confidence in me as an athlete that my equipment is superior to the competition. The pride and attention to detail in each BOS ski is a testament to Reece and the BOS team and something that has not wavered despite the huge demand for their craft. Reece and the team have a genuine passion for the sport and provide a future for athletes present and upcoming. 

MY Experience

Personal profile

Growing up I did just about every sport with my brother. Surfing, golf, footy etc. Since moving to QLD I have found a passion for cooking (especially when I am organised/camping). I learned with my brother how to repair my own board and simple things like recabelling my ski, basic gelcoat repairs. In WA I did a lot of coaching at my surf club. 
An important skill I continue to refine is adjusting (for work). Practically minded, I tend to be good at problem solving. I thoroughly enjoyed woodwork at school making some cool furniture. Other than that, I am good at eating. 

  • Nutri-Grain Ironman 2020/21 – 2021/22. 

  • 3 x Avon Descent Open single ski champion

  • Undergraduate (Grad2020), Masters Degree (Grad Feb22)
    Plenty more to come!!

I grew up in Mullaloo, Western Australia. Being quite practical in nature I was into every possible sport growing up. One in particular really grew into something that drives me each day, however sports like golf, surfing, kicking the footy etc. are still big hobbies of mine. In WA when I was a nipper around U/10-12 the Iron series came to town. A few athletes came to each surf club to take a clinic and ran a Q&A – in a room full of keen kids it was from that day I decided that’s what I wanted to do. I eventually achieved this at 22 years old when I made my first series. One of my favourite things to do due to my inspiration to be an ironman is help with nipper sessions. 


Aside from this, my other passion is helping people reconnect with their health through their nervous system, working as a Chiropractor. I have utilised chiropractic primarily as a performance tool as well as injury prevention/recovery personally. I recently qualified as a chiropractor after five years of balancing study and training/racing which now means I spend my days chasing my athletic and career goals. I currently work 27 hours a week and train around 20 hours a week. I am driven to discover the potential of the human body, both my own and that of others and why my career and athletic goals overlap.


In my spare time I love camping, spending time with family and as mentioned earlier a variety of different sports. It is easy to get caught up in the cycle of work and training, these are things that I believe add balance to my life. One of my favourite races which I believe doesn’t get the publicity it deserves and is a highlight of my off-season is the Avon Descent in Perth – 124km downriver ski race over 2 days. 

As I have mentioned I am driven to learn how far I can push the performance of the human body; a value I believe aligns with that of BOS Oceansport. Since entering the market as his own brand, Reece has never settled for satisfactory. 

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