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NOAH Steiner







Ironman / Swim / Board / Ski


Swim & Ironman


I first met Reece at Aussies in 2022. Reece instantly gave me guidance on what the right was ski for me and was super proactive in helping me test and try what felt good in the water, asking for nothing in return. He then built my first BOS and we have not looked back. 

Whether it be getting my repairs done in record time or building an indestructible ski, Reece pours his heart and soul into it, and this shows in the unparalleled quality of his skis. Reece’s selflessness, generosity and passion for his craft is something that will make me continue to proudly represent BOS. 

MY Experience

Personal profile

Outside of surf club I enjoy being with mates, surfing, economics and playing a bit of chess. 

  • 4 x Australian gold medalist 

  • Multiple state gold medalist

  • Aussies 2022 2nd U19 single ski 

  • Interstate 2023 Open ironman winner (representing NSW)

  • Dean Mercer Perpetual Trophy – youngest open ironman finalist Aussies 2023

  • 2nd open surf race NSW state titles 2023

  • Shannon Eckstein classic 2023 open run-swim-run winner and open ironman finalist 

I’m very grateful that growing up, my parents always gave me the opportunity to play every sport you could think of. I was never pressured to pursue surf lifesaving, but I think that spending so much time at surf carnivals watching my dad race with legends like Nathan Smith and Hayden Allum left me with no other choice haha. 

I love balancing full-time university studying business (economics), working as a bartender and training full time. I find working hard in training very satisfying and fulfilling on its own, but this is amplified when it is reflected in good competition results. I’m very passionate about sharing success with the people who helped me get there – I’m so lucky to work with some of the most knowledgeable and loyal people every day to achieve my goals, Reece being one of them.


Going forward, I want to see how far I can go with this sport and keep working hard to get the most out of myself. After my career as an ironman is finished (who knows when) I hope to enter the corporate world and develop my career in sales. I love this sport and hope to stay involved in surf club forever. 

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