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Millie Wiggins

Amateur Surf Lifesaving Athlete 




Welsh / British 


Surf Ski / Beach Flags / Beach Sprint


Surf Ski, Beach Flags & Beach Sprint


I first tried a BOS Surf Ski at the Adelaide World Championships in 2018, and have paddled on a BOS ski since. The ski’s exceptional standard is incomparable, which is reflective of the hard work and dedication the team puts in to creating each individual ski. The way the ski allows for comfort and control whilst being the strongest at getting through the surf and the fastest on the runners is something that is hard to compete with. I am grateful for the support that Reece, his family and the rest of the BOS team have given me and I hope to continue racing and working for them in the future. 

MY Experience

Personal profile

In terms of sport, I also train and compete in Netball with my University as I enjoy being a part of a team as well as the fitness and competitiveness it comes with. I am studying Psychology as an undergraduate degree, and currently I am on my placement year. I enjoy the routine of studying as well as socializing. I also work for the RNLI throughout the summer, with this year being my 5th summer working for them.

  • 6 x GBR Team Member (5 Youth and 1 Open) 

  • 5 x Welsh Team Member 

  • 2018 Youth European Ski Champion 

  • 8 x European individual medalist 

  • 7 x Individual British Champion 

  • 11 x Welsh Sprint Champion 

I have been a part of surf lifesaving since I was 6 years old, where I joined my local nipper club, the same club my Mum and Grandfather were a part of. As I grew into the Junior section of lifesaving, I discovered my favourite events, which were and still are, Surf Ski, Beach Flags, Beach Sprint and the Taplin Relay.  At that time, I visited Cornwall where I trained and competed with friends as well as in Wales. During this time, a coach, who I now call a friend, encouraged me to go for the GBR Trials that summer. I did not get selected that year, however because of the encouragement from that coach and my parents, I continued to train and push for the team the following year. 


Since then, I have raced for the Youth Great Britain team 5 times, and the open team once, at European and World Championships, and the International Rescue Challenge. I have also done a training season in Australia and become the UK representative for BOS Oceansport.  I would love to continue on this trajectory within surf lifesaving, however I do also have academic and career goals that I am working towards achieving. 

I am currently studying psychology in my undergraduate degree. This year, I have been on my placement year, where I have worked within two NHS Mental Health services. This placement, alongside voluntary work within children’s hospices and psychiatric hospitals abroad, has enhanced my aspirations to become a Clinical Psychologist in the future. Luckily, my family are incredibly supportive, and they play a massive role in my success within my career development and my sporting life. My goals for the future, include working towards being a clinical psychologist, continuing to compete around the World, and enjoying time with my friends and family. 

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