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Surf Ski


I have been paddling Reece’s skis for over a decade now. I have been through all of the different designs and shapes. Reece’s passion for his craft and never being satisfied with where he is at is inspiring as an athlete. You really feel like you are being cared for by the person making your ski’s. To me it’s simple… if you want the best ski on the market, you need to paddle a BOS.

MY Experience

Personal profile

Ski paddler, love golf, skiing, pub with mates and long lunches with my wife.

  • Australian Open Ironman Champion

  • 2 x Ski Relay Champion team with Newport SLSC

  • 2 x Junior Australian Ironman Champion

  • 2 x Bronze Medalist Australian Open Ski

  • Junior Coolangatta Gold Champion

  • NSW Open Ironman Champion

  • 8 x NSW Representative

  • 10 x SNB Representative

Not too much to say about myself. I tried basically every sport growing up and just loved being at the beach every afternoon, so I focused on this with a great group of mates. I did this for many year while balancing my school and university studies.


I made the Nutri-Grain Series in 2015 and was in it for five years. During that time I graduated with a Bachelor of Business from UTS. I recently got married to my beautiful wife in October 2023. I’m now working full time so I'm not doing the sport as much as I was. But I love just ski paddling and keeping fit and mentoring the younger Newport crew.

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