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Mark Spagnuolo

Dad / Business Owner / Amateur Ocean Athlete    






Swimming / Surf Ski / Board / Ironman


Board, Surf Ski & Swim


I was lucky enough to get my first BOS in 2020 and can say I will never paddle another Spec Ski. The way the BOS can pick up the tiniest energy in the water is second to none. The dedication to craftmanship that Reece puts into each of his skis is what sets them apart from the rest. BOS feels more like a family than a business. Working with Reece and Sharon on our last order of skis was a pleasure. You will always be in good hands with them. 

MY Experience

Personal profile

Ocean lifeguard, Business Owner, Husband, Dad, Ocean advocate.

  • 2 x Open Finalist in Ironman

  • 2 x Open Finalist in Surf Ski

  • Multiple first place finishes in Distance Paddle Races

  • Will be completing in Molokai 2 Oahu this summer

I have spent my life forging my own path, but the ocean has always felt like home to me.  Growing up, swimming provided me with a sense of calmness and determination.  As an adult, I took pride in leveraging that talent to help people by becoming a beach lifeguard, and joining my town’s after hours volunteer water rescue team.   I found a new sense of purpose in this role, where I wanted to strive to make things better and safer for people who shared my same love for the beach, ultimately culminating in me leading my own beach patrol on the Jersey Shore. 

Through lifeguarding I found my next passion- distance paddling and surf skiing.  Like swimming, it provided me with a sense of calm and serenity on the water, while helping me to stay in shape as I raised a young family.  While training started as an enjoyable hobby, I quickly became more engaged in the community, and more competitive in the sport.  I began fundraising for major paddle races, supporting causes that I believe in, like Surfer’s Healing and the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation.  In 2019, my competitive nature reached its pinnacle when tied the NYC SEA Paddle for first overall with my training partner and best friend.  Grateful for my ability to still train during the pandemic, I am looking forward to achieving my next milestone in amateur paddling: Molokai 2 Oahu 2023.

When I am not paddling, I am a proud dad to two beautiful girls, Madeline and Lily.  I work hard to make them proud and teach them the importance of serving others.  In my ‘free time’, I work on the future development strategy for the restaurants that I opened in 2013 with my wife and brother in law.  


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