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Maalik Moston





 African / Australian


Surf Ski / Swim / Board


Surf Ski & Board


My experiences with BOS started just before 2022 Aussies when I was a fresh U17 understanding how to ride a ski confidently, while I was quite a confident and able ski paddler for my age my confidence to experience ratio didn’t quite even out which is not something that an U17 should have. This led to an afternoon session straight out the front of my club beach Surfers Paradise. This specific afternoon had a bit of swell about which didn’t seem to rattle my confidence too much and I was enjoying the session quite a lot. As I’m heading towards the shore for my last start off the beach I have come a bit too far in on the back of a wave and fallen off, this left me in the water holding my ski in a very questionable position, as I’m struggling to get back on a 2-3ft wave is basically on top of me and its not looking good. I come up from this stressful time and my ski has been damaged.


After this dramatic afternoon I am referred to Reece owner of BOS to see if we can work something out one week before Aussies! Reece and I chat about what we can potentially do to get something organized and in no longer than two days he has secured me a ski that is as good as my previous one. The hospitality he has shown me in such a short period of time is second to none and I am very grateful to be a part of such a unique brand that supports athletes like myself. Moving forward to my current ski it is a Tomahawk Pro and has placed me extremely well in numerous ski races due to its lightweight structure and strong durability, The work that Reece puts into these skis is the best going around and I am lucky enough to ride one day in day out.

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Personal profile

I wouldn’t label myself as a very “skillful” person in any department, but I tend to have a nack at picking things up very well when I believe in myself and commit to it, an example of this would be starting my clothing brand that is currently being constructed which is super exciting and I’m always learning new things about myself and the clothes.

Surprisingly I don’t really have any major achievements, yes I’ve won a fair few races at different occasions but there’s nothing that really stands out to me achievements wise other than all the little consistent results I’ve had along the way and always staying within the top three or five across all disciplines of Surf Life Saving which I think is a quite an achievement being able to consistently race well in all areas of the sport.

I am a very driven person and have my end goals that I am always looking to achieve just like anyone else and will not settle for anything less. I think it’s very important at a young age to meet lots of new people and have all these different experiences so when you get to a certain point in your life opportunities may arise and you have a strong network to call on so you can always be succeeding while bringing them up with you. I have some very inspiring people around me that I’m always looking to call on to make something better. Whether that be in my clothing avenue or athlete avenue. It’s very important to have likeminded and inspiring people around you.

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