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Jy Timperley

Professional Surf Ironman







Ski & Transitions


I've been paddling Reecey's skis since I was 16 years old and I've never looked back, Reecey is a master craftsman, and it shows in his work with the best surf ski on the market. I remember the first time I met Reece while he was holiday in in my hometown and from day dot had nothing but kind, generous and just a all-round good fella. I'm so so stoked to be able to paddle your skis Reece thankyou!

MY Experience

Personal profile

Love surfing, fishing and camping.

  • 7th, 2nd and 3rd overall Nutri-Grain Series with the year I got second placing top 3 each round

  • 2x 2nd U/17 ironman Aussies

  • 1st k2 Avon Decent marathon race

I was born and grew up in Byron Bay and was never particularly good at clubbies at a young age, I was a fat little footy player but always did nippers. Also loved surfing and hanging around with my mates. I started getting into clubby training when I was 15 and my dad was my main coach until I was lucky enough to start training under the best in the business Michael King.

I now live on the Gold Coast and train out of the great BHMP SLSC and I absolutely love it. I go home to see mates and family as much as possible but other than that I still I've doing all the same thing while recovering between injuries and I'm feeling like I'm definitely on the mend.

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