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Joshua Windsor

Ski Paddler






Surf Ski Paddling / Ocean Ski Paddling



I bought my first new ski from BOS back in 2019 and I can happily say that they excel not only in performance but also in durability. I’ve put my skis through the wringer and have never once had a problem with them.


Reece and the team at BOS not only produce some of the best craft on the market but also provide exceptional service. They are easy to contact, always helpful and always friendly.

MY Experience

Personal profile
  • Spearfishing

  • Surfing

  • Electrician

  • WA Team of the year 2020

  • Avon Decent Team winners 2021

  • WA Ski relay State Champions 2022

After trying every sport under the sun I stumbled across Surf as an U/12 which I have been heavily involved in ever since. I’ve done a little bit of everything to do with Surf over the years but Ski paddling is the part of it that hooked me the most, whether it be bashing in and out through the surf, downwinders, rapids or even flat water paddling.

I love the social side of Clubbies and I think a big driving factor for me is being able to go down and train with my mates. I like to help out with the juniors when I get the chance, being able to give back is important to me as I feel like I was very well looked after and mentored as a younger athlete. Over the past 4 years I have coached an intermediate ski squad and also had the opportunity to help coach the WA pool rescue team.

For the last 5 years I have been a part time carer for a young man with special needs which It's more of a mentoring role. We usually catch up as mates and do something fun like go to the driving range or bowling.

I have been a qualified electrician for 4 years which I enjoy, I’m currently working away and am hoping to be back in Perth full time for summer this year. When I’m home I like spearfishing, camping and surfing.

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