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Professional Ironman/Swimmer




South African/Australian


Ironman / Ocean Swimmer / Board Paddler / Surf Ski Saddler


Swim, Run, Board & Ski


BOS Oceansport has supported me since the start of my ironman career.  I’ve been on board with BOS and Reece since 2019 now and have nothing but great things to say about Reece and the beautiful ski he makes for ocean athletes in Australia and around the world. The craftsmanship and quality of the skis are out of this world and each new ski is a jump in performance and speed as Reece is always innovating at the cutting edge of the sport.  


I’ve been lucky enough to compete at a high level in surf sport and we race and train in some heavy surf. I need to have the upmost trust and confidence in my equipment. Whenever I paddle a ski from Reece, I know I have nothing to worry about as it is made from the highest quality materials and has the best workmanship in the business. 

BOS makes the best sport surf skis on the market and Reece puts everything into making his skis and contributing back to the sport. 

MY Experience

Personal profile

I love bodysurfing and catching big waves on the board and ski. I love the thrill of catching a big wave and racing in big surf.

I do some pool swimming – mainly 100, 200, 400, 800 freestyle – and some open water swimming. 

Outside of the water I enjoy playing basketball with my school mates and love watching the NBA and some of the UFC.

  • Australian U17 Ironman 2023

  • Australian U17 Surf race champion 2023

  • Australian U17 Board race champion 2023

  • Australian U17 Surf Ski race champion 2023

  • Australian U17 Surf Ski Relay champion 2023

  • Australian U17 Taplin race champion 2023

  • Australian U17 Swim Teams champion 2023

  • Australian Open Board Rescue champion 2023

  • Australian Open Male Taplin silver medal 2023

  • 2022-23 Nutri Grain Ironman Series

  • Multiple Australian Gold medals in Surf Lifesaving

  • Top 10 400-800 Australian Pool swimming aged nationals (17s)

  • U17 Summer of Surf Ironman Champion 2022-2023

  • 2022 Short Course Coolangatta Gold champion

  • Pho3nix Foundation Athlete/Ambassador  

  • Engine Athlete

  • Kracka Surf Craft Team Member

I was born in South Africa in a city called Johannesburg. It is a land locked city, so my parents initially got me into pool swimming, cross country running, soccer and rugby – I loved all sports.

I moved from South Africa to Sydney at the age of eight  with my family. I remember coming down to the beach and hearing a shark alarm ring and just minutes after the alarm sounded, I saw little nippers running into the water to catch waves. I begged my parents to get me involved in surf sports. Ever since then I’ve been hooked watching guys like Shannon Eckstein, Ky Hurst and Ali Day and competing through the age groups in nippers.

This season I made my first full Nutri Grain iron series at the age of 17 being one of the youngest to ever compete and living out my dream of being a full-time ironman. Outside of surf lifesaving, I’m a huge NBA fan and try to watch as many NBA games as possible. I am also currently finishing my final year at school and after school will go to university to study IT. 

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