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Surf Ski & Board Paddling


My experience with BOS started after Aussies 2022 when I was going into Under 17s and learning how to ride a ski. Since then, I don’t have a bad word to say about Reece and the support he gives. Needing some equipment for my ski just before Aussies 2023, Reece was able to get it to me within a week and in time for Aussies. The craftsmanship of a BOS ski is second to none, the ability to punch through waves with such ease has been amazing.

MY Experience

Personal profile

In my free time I love to surf, body surf, and catch big waves. I love racing and spend lots of time on my board and ski. Outside of the ocean I am an apprentice carpenter.

  • 3rd Australian Under 17 board race 2023

  • 3rd Australian under 17 ski relay 2023

  • 3rd Australian under 15 board race 2022

  • 3rd Australian under 15 ironman 2022 

  • 1st Australian under 15 board relay 2022

  • 1st Australian under 15 Cameron relay 2022 

  • 3rd Australian under 15 board rescue 2022

  • 2nd Australian under 15 surf team 2022

  • 1st NSW under 14 and under 17 board race 2021,2023

  • 1ST NSW open Taplin 2023

Growing up I loved doing all sports. I started nippers in under 6s and I enjoyed playing rugby league in the winter.  As I got older, I moved from league to AFL.  But water very quickly became my passion, so I gave up footy to focus on Surf Lifesaving (SLS). 

Ever since I put my toes in the sand for the first time I have never looked back. The beach is my second home and where I spend most of my time, whether its training, surfing, body surfing or just hanging out. 

I have always looked up to the people like Shannon Eckstein and Ali Day dominating in iron series.  I really respect their commitment and dedication to continue to compete at the highest level for so long.

My days generally involve getting up at 4:40 for swimming or ironman training, then off to school or work followed by afternoon training for board or ski with the squad.  Between those things I eat and sleep!

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