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TJ Hendy

Ironman / Dad / Ocean Lover / Wannabe Comedian






Surf Ski / Swim / Board


Surf Ski, Swim & Board


 I sit here writing this at the 2023 Australian Titles in Perth, reminiscing on my first time ever paddling a BOS which was here 10 years ago almost to the day. Reece had just gone out on his own and had a small but fast group of athletes. I managed to get some support from Reece to get me on the ski and felt very privileged as it looked first class. New school. Creative but effective… all the best Ironmen were flying on a relatively new brand. I jumped on in Perth and no word of a lie my ski paddling went up two levels. It excited me and gave me an extra amount of confidence. I ended up getting 6th in the U19 Ironman final with ski last feeling like the world was my oyster on this razor blade of a ski. The new school ski that is just that. Always revolutionising the surf ski business and has kept in front of all other manufacturers since. It keeps me excited, grateful and energetic every time I jump on to take a stroke. 

MY Experience

Personal profile

Double leg jump starts, body surfing, wash riding and when that meets some fitness all round pretty good Ironman ahha

  • Nutri-Grain race winner

  • Summer of Surf race winner

  • 3rd Aussie Ironman 2019

  • 8 x Nutri-Grain Series competitor

Outside of Ironman my life’s pretty epic. I’m a dad to a beautiful 18 month old girl Adaline and striving to be a better person, athlete and dad every day to make her proud.


In life I enjoy creating new things, experiencing life fully, loving to the best of my ability and being as free as I can to smile and have fun.


I love surfing and golf and time with my friends and family. Enjoy travelling and can’t wait to be in Bali in coming days days! 

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