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Tex Dixon

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Surf Ski / Board Paddling / Swimming / Running 


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I remember in early 2017 up at Noosa, Daz (coach Darren Mercer) gave me Rhys Burrows’ old ski which I remember being a BOS Raptor model and my first experience being like nothing else I’ve experienced before. Being a newbie on the ski and only paddling for half a year then, I went from barely not keeping up with the squad at Noosa to being near the front paddling alongside the masters which, for me at the time, was unreal. 

Immediately from learning on an alternative brand ski then jumping on a BOS ski I felt the difference in the distinctive design Reece had. The BOS ski cut through the water in the toughest of conditions whether that was in the northerly wind at Noosa or in the surf at Peregian. I felt it allowed me to maximise my output, being able to push over the steepest of bumps in the ocean and get down the toughest of waves that just don’t seem like they’re going to break, and I could punch through those faces that make your heart skip a beat. 

I loved that ski so much I contacted Reece about getting one and he provided the best help to put me on the most appropriate performance ski for me even though I hadn’t achieved any major results. Reece absolutely nailed the design brief I gave him too and every design to date. From my first ski in late 2017 to now (I’ve had four BOS skis) every one of them has been a match met in heaven and what makes me come back every time is the relationship that Reece and I have formed over the years.

Reece is one of the best blokes in our sport and after I won my first Open Board Title, Reece was one of the first people to come over and congratulate me even though it was a board race which had nothing to do with a ski. Reece was so pumped for me that it just goes to show what a great guy he is, he’s all about the people not what they’re doing or doing it with, the bond that he has with his athletes lasts forever which I believe to be the most important thing of all.

MY Experience

Personal profile

First of all, I do really love my board paddling and that is the ace in my hand. However, I am a nifty ski paddler in itself, navigating my way in and out of the surf. I love a good paddle back when the runners are on and I’m a real solid swimmer in the pool. Outside of surf I’m passionate about AFL and used to play and was part of the Brisbane Lions Academy but stopped because I wanted to pursue my love for Surf Lifesaving. Music is another passion of mine and Hip Hop runs through my veins and I also like making my own music too.

  • 1st place Open Board Race 2023 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

  • 2nd place Open Board Relay 2023 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

  • 2nd place Open Board Relay 2023 Queensland State Surf Life Saving Championships

  • 2nd place Open Board Rescue 2022 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

  • Finalist Open IRONMAN 2022 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships (12th)

  • Finalist Open BOARD Race 2022 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships (10th)

  • 1st place Open 4km Board 2018,19,20,21 & 22 QLD State Endurance Surf Life Saving Champs

  • 1st place U19 Board Race 2021 Queensland State Surf Life Saving Championships

  • 2nd place U19 Board Relay 2020 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

  • 3rd place Open Board Relay 2020 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

  • 1st place U17 Board Race 2018 Queensland State Surf Life Saving Championships

  • 6th place U17 Board Race 2018 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

  • 2nd place U15 Board Race 2017 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships

I’ve always been a real sporty kid whether that being swimming, footy, surf lifesaving, athletics and cross country and did it to be the best I could be and be with my mates. I lived in Dubai for six years where I got my first taste for Nippers. When we moved back to Melbourne I joined my dad’s club Half Moon Bay, Victoria to do nippers. I was a competitive pool swimmer and achieved a few state medals in backstroke. One school holiday when I was about 12/13 we went up to Noosa and we loved it so much we decided to pack up and move there because I was so passionate about surf lifesaving and knew that if I wanted to be the best I could be its where I needed to be.


I joined Daz and the Noosa crew in a great squad with some of the biggest names in the sport and in several years improved making Aussie Youth Finals with a 2nd place in the U15 Board. We moved down to the Gold Coast to complete Y11/12 at school and I got in contact with Ali Day and I joined Surfers chasing the best of the best day in, day out. Over the years, I’ve tackled some of my goals collecting some State titles and Aussie medals, but I’m most passionate about my team racing achieving medals in Board Rescue and Board Relays with my best mates but my goal is to win a Taplin medal at Aussies. These medals mean the most and are the pinnacle of our sport.

I’ve already ticked off some large boxes of mine at Aussies 2022 in my first year as an Open competitor making my first Open Board Final and even better making the Open Iron Final receiving the Dean Mercer Perpetual Award for being the youngest person in the Iron Final. After a big finish to that season, I had some even bigger goals set and I was able to achieve one of my wildest dreams this year (2023) winning the Open Australian Board Race in a strong field in tough conditions. I could go and say that I’d be happy to retire on that note but deep down I still have some big goals in Ironman racing I want to accomplish in the near future being that I want to make the illustrious Nutri-Grain Series, be more consistent in making Summer of Surf Iron Finals and after just missing out this year I want to make another Open Iron Final at Aussies next year.  

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