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Shun Nishiyama

Japanese Surf Ironman / Pool Rescue Swimmer






Ironman / Paddling / Surf Swim / Pool Rescue Swim


Surf Ski & Swim


The first time I met BOS is 2014. I went to the factory in Sydney without notice and asked / talked Reece to like “I want to be a rider of your ski!”. I remember Reece happily accepted me and gave me one of the 2nd skis for me right there.


After that, I have been riding only BOS and made three times National Ski Titles and four times National Ironman Titles with BOS

MY Experience

Personal profile

Paddling, swimming, swimming coach, kids education, surfing (sometime), import business.

  • Represented Japanese national team over 15 years

  • 5 x times National Ironman Titles

  • 3 x times National Ski Titles

  • 7 x National records of pool rescue events

I started the surf sport when I was 18 years old. After graduate Uni, I started to work as a firefighter but quit it when I was 25 years old because I want trying to chase my dream about surf sport in Australia.


Over the next few years, I have been training in Australia for half of the year while looking for some sponsors and supporters for my life and dream.


My life was going well but, because of the COVID situation, my all sponsors were gone, and I have no choice but to stay and work in Japan at the moment. My next goal is arranging my life work balance and challenging in Australia again.

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