Our latest and greatest design. All we have learnt from testing and paddler feedback over the last decade. 


Aggresive nose and tail design allows this ski to effortlessly and silently slice through surf and chop. The enhanced cockpit deflector keeps the paddler and cockpit dry and the weight of the water off the paddlers body when punching through a heavy wave. Increaed rocker frees up sufing ability and allows this ski to turn around the cans extremely well. Softer lines through the front of the hull soften the ride in harsh cross chop and the added lower deck line decreases side wind affect dramatically aswell.


A ski for advanced paddlers that absolutely has it all. 

    • Adjustable or custom built for each individual paddler with a choice of seven different seat options and cockpit set up.
    • Glass, Kevlar, vinylester, vacuum construction standard. 
    • ​Ventury cockpit drainage standard.
    • Up to three solid colour designs as standard order.
Adjustable ski
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