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Oscar Jones

Surf Ski Paddler 






Surf Ski / Ocean Paddling


Ocean Paddling


The team at BOS strive to create the best quality products they can and have spent years developing their product into what it is today. The end product is a is fast, extremely durable and comfortable ski to paddle and the number of BOS skis lining the beaches at clubby carnivals is a testament to this. 

I have paddled BOS skis for the past five years and can not thank Reece enough for all of his support. Reece and his team work with you to develop a ski that is catered to your needs so that when you turn up for race day or are just going for a leisurely paddle you know that you can rely on your ski to be the fastest and most comfortably on the beach. 

MY Experience

Personal profile

Ski paddling, but specifically ocean ski paddling. 

Ocean ski:

  • Junior world champion 2017 

  • Junior Australian Ocean Ski Series Champion 

  • 4th Overall series point score – Australian Ocean Racing Series (AORS) 2022

  • 5th 2022 20 Beaches 

  • 2nd 2023 Bridge to Beach  

Surf ski:

  • NSW Junior single ski medalist 

  • Aussies Junior single ski silver medalist 

  • Junior Aussies ski relay medalist x 3

  • Multiple times NSW state single ski finalist 

Moving from the middle of England to Australia when I was a kid, my parents put me straight into nippers at Apollo Bay down in the Otways in Victoria so that I could learn surf safety skills and become more comfortable in the ocean. Here I fell in love with the ocean and surf lifesaving and have continued to do the sport ever since.

When I moved to Sydney a few years ago I was introduced to ocean ski paddling. I entered a few races and loved the competition, the distance and catching runners. Ocean ski paddling has been where I have put the most energy as of lately, as there are a number of big races coming to Australia this year such as the World championships in November. Whilst I am competing a lot in Ocean ski, being able to mix it up with clubbies during summer is awesome and I am always looking forward to racing coming into a clubby event. 

In my professional life I am an ecologist by qualification, currently completing my Masters by Research at Macquarie University in North Sydney. My research is focused on Northern Australia where I am developing techniques to ensure for effective inclusion of Indigenous values and aspirations in natural resource management on coastal wetlands. I am aiming to finish my masters at the end of the year and then hope to start my PhD. Juggling my career and sport has been tough over the last few years, but I have found training to be so important in keeping me motivated and on track in other avenues of my life.

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