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Oliver (OlLY)







Iron / Ski / Board


Bki and Board


Rhys Drury my old ski coach helped me get my hands on a second had ski in u17 from the guys at BOS and have never looked back. The construction quality, design quality and most importantly how fast and good it feels to paddle is the best in the business in my opinion for sure. Weather it’s flat or huge the Bos ski feels great and can handle pretty much anything. Reece has given me great support over the years and I’m now up to my 3rd ski with each one getting better and better. Reece is always adapting his skis for newer and faster designs and loves to listen to opinions on his skis to create the best ski possible. 

MY Experience

Personal profile

Ironman, surf ski and board.

2022/2023 Season

  • 4th Murphy builders open ski race 

  • Silver QLD open individual board race

  • Silver Aussies open board relay 

  • Gold u19 Aussies Ironman 

2021/2022 Season

  • Gold u19 Aussies Taplin

  • Gold u19 Aussies Ski relay

  • Silver u19 Aussies Board relay

  • Bronze Open Aussies Taplin 

2020/2021 Season

  • Gold u19 Aussies Taplin

  • Gold u19 Aussies belt 

  • Gold u19 QLD Taplin

  • Gold open QLD Taplin

  • Silver u19 QLD Taplin 

I am a surf lifesaving athlete from Maroochydore surf club on the Sunshine Coast and I am an ocean addict. 

Whether I am training or surfing, I spend nearly every afternoon and most of my weeks at the beach. I am a full-time apprentice electrician; so mixing training and work throughout the week is full on. I love taking on the challenge mentally and physically, but it helps more that I get to do what I love everyday all year round. I have been a part of Maroochydore surf club since I was 6 and was lucky enough to contribute to the 2018 winning Youth Team at the World Championships. I have also won 7 Australian gold medals and many QLD titles. 

I have always been involved in the classic surf lifesaving races but am now looking to expand and race in a few other races such as downwind races and the Coolangatta gold.

I am looking to continue towards my goals of an Open Australian Gold Medal and the Nutri-grain Ironman Series.  

My hero is Ali Day. Looking up to him and all he has achieved paves a pathway for someone like myself to dream big.  My goals for the future are to compete in the Nutri Grain Ironman series, represent my country, win an open national and international title and win the Coolangatta gold. I would also like to place in open summer of surf events and place in some overall point scores.

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