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Nick Stoddart

Ironman / Lifeguard 






Ski / Swim / Board Paddling


Board Paddling


Ever since I started on a BOS ski in U17’s I knew hands down this is the best ski for me and the ideal ski for all inspiring athletes coming through surf sports. Reece’s ski’s are the best made ski’s in surf sports, he is constantly improving shapes and never settling for anything less then perfect. What I love about the ski’s is that they are made for all conditions whether that is big and messy or dead flat and calm. My constant love for ski paddling just grows and grows knowing the improvement I'm seeing on these ski’s. For anyone coming through to first year U17’s BOS ski’s is definitely what you want to be on. As I am just starting my open career I will continue to paddle BOS skis all throughout.

MY Experience

Personal profile

All I do outside of the sport is surf, I just love being in the water.

  • 1st Open Iron 2022/2023 NSW Interbranch State Titles

  • 4th open NSW ironman 2023

  • 4th open NSW surfing 2023

  • 1st Under 19 Blue water Molokai board race 2022

  • 5th Summer of surf open board race 2021

  • 4 x Gold NSW board titles U14- U17

  • 3rd u19 NSW board raced 2021 

  • 5th U19 Next Gen 2021 

  • 1st place U14/15 Australian board race 

I am a lifeguard and work in my family business which is Kracka Surf Craft. My family has been my biggest support. Over the last few years I have had constant injuries that have held me back a bit from my goals but am looking forward to heading into the 2023/ 2024 season back to 100%.

My training schedule is a bit all over the shop and I try to do what I can around work. I train 3-4 mornings a week in the pool and I try to do a session on my lunch break during the day. I am constantly learning ways to train on my own and adapt to the working life. My future goals consist of making the Nutri-Grain and making a heap of Summer of Surf finals.

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