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Mitchell Trim

Vice President Macquarie Bank
& Paddling Enthusiast






Surf Ski / Ocean Ski Paddling


Surf Ski


My first memory of Surf Ski paddling was under the guidance of Reece down at Collaroy where Reece coached me for several years. I believe that his drive, passion, and love for the sport of paddling has inspired me to be the best I could be not only when I was learning but now as I have developed as a paddler. Reece has always been a friend and mentor of mine for years, but I have experienced working under him in the factory when I worked with the BOS Oceansport team. The craftsmanship of these surf skis is at the highest quality – It takes a great deal of skill and patience. For years I thought the best quality of a BOS surf ski was how it was built – every ski that left the factory was durable, reliable, and fast. I have learnt over time that the best quality about the BOS skis is not only that they are built well but the every single ski is tailored to the specific individual. Reece listens to you when you order a ski.  He has experience in the surf, his surf paddling and manufacturing knowledge is first class and his willingness to get the best out of each paddler that walks into the factory is top notch.
For me, the product and the service are the best in the business. As paddlers we have enough variables to worry about in the ocean and knowing that my ski is the fastest and the most reliable helps me on race day. The BOS Oceansport team continues to strive for excellence whether it be in the shape or in the ski’s finish. I am forever grateful for Reece’s friendship and his passion for the sport.

MY Experience

Personal profile

Surf sports but more specially ocean paddling

  • 1 x Gold Australian Open Ski Relay 

  • 1 x Sliver Australian Open Taplin

  • 3 x Silver Australian Open Male Ski

  • 2 x Bronze Australian Open Male Ski

  • 2 x Gold Australian Taplin wins

  • 2 x Gold Australian Ski Relay wins

  • 1 x Gold Australian Double ski win

  • Husband to Abbey Jones ‘Trim now

  • Father July ‘23

I started nippers at Collaroy and fell in love with ski paddling as soon as I jumped on a surf ski. I joined Newport back in 2014 and have been paddling competitively ever since. What drives me over the past 10 years has been my teammates who I train and race with. I thrive on team sports and paddling in relays is something that I cherish. 


Away from the sport I work in the finance industry. I have been at Macquarie Bank for nine years now and absolutely love it. I am very happy here and wish to run a desk as I gain more experience.  


Married and a father at age 30. I am expecting my first child July 2023 which I am so excited about. It will be a massive change for me but very ready for the new chapter of my life. My goal is to try and be the best Dad I can be whilst trying to live a well-balanced life. 

I have taken on a new role at Newport which is heading up the High-Performance program. I am very keen to give back to the club that has given me plenty over the years.   

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