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Maguire Reid

Surf Ski Paddler / Sprint Kayak Paddler / Surf Ironman 






Surf Ski / Ironman / K1 1000m, 500m and K2 500m


Surf Ski


I have used a BOS surf ski from the start since I was 15. I have been supported by Reece and the team at BOS since 2021, Reece and his team manufacture world class skis for all types of paddlers. The quality of each ski comes out as perfection to provide the best opportunity for anyone paddling and racing their craft. 

As a performance athlete I am lucky enough to compete all over Australia in varying conditions. When paddling BOS skis I have full faith and trust in the equipment and that they will allow me to perform to my maximum capability and all I need to worry about is paddling hard.

All of my best surf sports achievements have come when using BOS skis, most notably winning the U19 single ski championship at the 2023 Aussie Titles.

MY Experience

Personal profile

I love to go surfing, it is such a free and thrilling sport that allows me to maintain good surf skills in the off season. 

I enjoy the PlayStation and playing games such as NBA 2k and car racing games like F1.

Aussies National Titles 2024

  • 1st U19 ski

  • 1st U19 double ski

  • 3rd U19 taplin relay

  • ski relay 2nd u19

SA State Title 2024

  • 1st open Ironman

  • 1st open ski 

  • 1st U19 ironman 

  • 1st U19 ski 

NSW State Titles 2024

  • 1st U19 ski

  • 1st U19 double ski

  • 1st U19 ski relay

  • 2nd open ski relay 

  • Achieving selection for national U23 Australian team for the 2023 Canoe Sprint World Championships

  • Aussies open ski relay bronze medalist 2023

  • Aussies U19 single ski and double ski champion 2023

  • Achieved the National Centre of Excellence performance time for the K1 1000m

  • 6th place K1 1000m, Junior Canoe Sprint World Championships 2022

  • Open State Ironman champion 2021, 2022, 2023

  • U19 Coolangatta Gold short course champion 2021

I was born in Sydney and my family moved to Adelaide when I was two years old. At the age of five my parents got me into nippers as a way to be active, make new friends and learn about beach safety. My passion for the sport only grew from there, as I grew older, I began to work harder and I developed a love for hard work and pushing myself to find new limits, which is where my dream to become a professional Ironman started, looking up to the likes of Ali Day and Shannon Eckstein. 

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