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Ky Hurst







Ironman / Board / Surf Ski / Swim


Surf Ski & Swim


I've been a part of the BOS team for as long as I can remember. The quality in all of their skis’ I have had over the years is second to none. It's not just the finish of the craft that is impressive, but I have also put my craft through some of the most testing surf conditions around and its durability has always stood the test of time. 

MY Experience

Personal profile

Best dad ever.

  • 2 x Time Olympian 2008 & 2012 open water

  • Inaugural SailGP winner 19/20

  • Oracle Team USA America’s Cup Sailor 2017

  • 4 x Australian Open Ironman Titles

  • 3 x Australian Junior Ironman Titles

  • 10 x Australian Open surf Titles

  • 32 x Australian Gold Medals

  • SLSA Hall Of Fame 

  • Marathon Swimming Hall Of Fame

At the early age of 15, Ky became one of the youngest contenders in the Uncle Toby's Super Series, winning three annual titles consecutively. Ky has won 7 Australian Ironman titles and is regarded as one of the best Ironmen in the history of Surf Lifesaving. His drive has seen him win over 30 Australian Surf titles making him the 2nd highest medal winner in the Surf Lifesaving Australian Championships and now a proud member of the Surf Lifesaving Hall of Fame. 


In 2005, Ky begun to focus solely on swimming after the 10km Open-water swim was announced as an inaugural Olympic event. Ky qualified for the Olympic team and was the only Australian male to compete in the event at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


Ky continued competing in open water swimming, which saw him qualify again as the sole male Australian representative for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Ky was one of the first athletes to qualify for the 2012 Australian Olympic team and achieved the title of Dual-Olympian. After his retirement from surf sports and swimming, Ky was selected as the lead grinder on Team Oracle USA in the defense of the America's Cup.


The multi-talented athlete was training and competing in Bermuda before his return home to Australia to join the all new SailGP Australian team in the F50 series.

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