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Kirsty Higgison

Ocean enthusiast, Surf Ironwoman, Lifeguard and High School Teacher 






Surf Ski / Board / Ironwoman 


Surf Ski and Surf Skills


I have been fortunate enough to paddle for Reece since day one on a ski (some thirteen plus years ago!). I clearly remember the first time I met Reece as a shy fifteen/sixteen-year-old and what stood out the most was his caring and supportive nature and amazing knowledge. Reece has continued to support me through all my highs and lows and produce the absolute best craft there is, something in forever grateful for! I love feeling a part of the BOS family and always inspired by Reece’s constant passion for his skis but most importantly their riders. 

MY Experience

Personal profile

Anything I enjoy doing in the ocean (multiple disciplines/craft), in particular surfing and my ability to stay out for an extremely long time. Oh, and the owner of a blue heeler (need I say more).

  • Nutri-grain Series competitor & multiple series race winner 

  • Multiple Australian Medalist 

  • Junior World Champion (Ironwoman & Ski)

  • Australian Representative - Sprint Kayaking 

  • Graduated University with a Bachelor of Education & Science

I was born on the South Coast of NSW and grew up in a town called Culburra Beach (God’s country). Here, most of my days were spent in and around the ocean, where I began to dream of one day becoming an Ironwoman. During my high school years, I was fortunate enough to represent Australia multiple times in Sprint Kayaking, this is where my love for paddling really flourished. 

After finishing school, I moved to the Sunshine Coast to pursue my Ironwoman dream, while also studying to become a high school teacher. I really loved my time on the Sunny Coast and was fortunate enough to qualify for the Ironwoman series (my dream!). 

After a few years, my partner Ryan and I moved to the Gold Coast to continue chasing surf sports and enjoy the lifestyle it has to offer. During this time, I continued to study, work as a lifeguard and train. I have since graduated university (thank goodness!) and spend most of our free time surfing, camping, adventuring somewhere or catching some live music.  

I’d also really love the thank my family, partner, sponsors, coaches and all the beautiful people along the way who continue to support and inspire me day in day out, I’m so very very lucky! 

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