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Karlee Nurthen

Ex - Professional Surf Iron Woman




Australian / Uruguayan


Surf Lifesaving


Surf Ski


I came to BOS when I was 16 years old. BOS skis are so fast and so intimidating, I LOVE THAT ABOUT THEM. I knew I wanted to make the jump when I saw all my favourite Ironman and Ironwomen racing on BOS Skis. Since that change, the ski leg has been my most dominant leg by far. In big surf I feel like I’ve got the advantage, the nose just glides through the water in and out of the break, gets down runners so easily, and sometimes I feel like Reece has designed this ski specifically for me. I know that’s weird but me and
my devil (what we call my skis) it feels like we are in sync.


Reece and Sharon welcomed me with absolute open arms. I feel like we’ve become a family. They look after me, they’re there for me whenever I need them. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for it.

MY Experience

Personal profile

I design clothes and take photos for a living so I’d hope I was pretty skillful at that.

  • U/12, U/13, U/14 NSW State Ironwomen Champion

  • U/15 U/17 Australian Ironwomen Champion

  • Current Open World Ironwomen Champion

  • Current Open World Board Champion

About you – My mother was born in Uruguay, South America and my father was born in Sydney. I’d like to tell you I can speak Spanish but I would be lying. I can order a Pina Colada politely, but that’s as far as I go.


My sister, Amy Nurthen (now Jessup) made the Nutri-Grain Ironwomen series when she was just 16. I knew I wanted to be in the professional series with her. It took me a little longer, qualifying when I was 17 but we raced alongside each other with K.Nurthen & A.Nurthen on our butts for many years. Those years shaped me into the strong female I am today. I had so many setbacks, and so many health issues both mentally and physically. But I look back now and I’m thankful for those moments. (I like to say the universe was just testing me) I take inspiration from my friends and my insanely supportive family. I live with the intention that “What is meant to be will always be”.


I always try to take the road less travelled (I have a tattoo on my arm to remind me when I forget lol) whether that be how I present myself or what avenue I chose to take.

I retired from Ironwomen racing shortly after I won 2 Open World Titles in Adelaide (Board and Ironwomen) 6 years after I qualified for my first series to focus on my two businesses with my sister - Loca House (a fashion label) and Midnight Rise (A photography & Graphic design business).


I have 0 patience - working on it, love chocolate, love big surf, love hard, love a nap, love shoes and love my BOS family.

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