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I have paddled a BOS since late 2019. I quickly picked up the pace as a ski paddler, which I did not think was ever going to be my strength. I have used the Tomahawk model, WHICH I LOVE! Since starting using a BOS Ski, I have won an Australian Ski Title, 2 x State Single Ski Medals and an Australian Ski Relay Title.

My respect for Reece, Tradie and everyone behind the scenes at BOS is out of this world… I cannot thank them enough. The support and the generosity is what gets us across the line!

MY Experience

Personal profile

Body bashing, Sleeping, eating well, Hiking, Sprinting.

  • Sunshine Coast Athlete of the Year 2022

  • Male Competitor of the Year at Aussies 2022

  • Australian U19 Ski Race Champion 2022

  • Australian U19 Ski Relay Champion 2022

  • 2 x Australian Board Race Champion

  • Australian U14 Ironman Champion

  • 23 x Aussies Medalist

  • 7 x NSW State Representative

  • 1 x QLD State Representative

I am quite a motivated and active guy. You will always find me doing something out in the elements, whether that be surfing, swimming, or training. I have always prided myself on being a respectful, and loyal athlete to my coaches, teammates, friends, family and sponsors. I am very internally driven to the point it drives me crazy!


Some huge goals for me would be to make the Open Worlds Team 2024 and make win the Nutrigrain Ironman Series in coming years.


Outside of sport, you will catch me in an office as a junior accountant. I love my job! I also try and squeeze in full time university around training and work.

Whenever I can squeeze in some free time, ill take full advantage of it. I am quite pedantic about things, a perfectionist you might say! But as long as I am enjoying what I’m doing, with great people with me, I am living my best life.

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