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Jesse Coulson

Surf Ironman




Indonesian Australian


Ironman / Swim / Ski / Board


Board & Ski starts


I have been on a BOS since 2018 and have loved every moment of it. I love the quality control that Reece employs, as the durability of BOS skis cannot be rivalled. 

At BOS, providing a superior service is always paramount, with profit always coming second. My BOS has served me well in Victoria, helping me to win multiple state Ironman titles. I know that the rest of my clubby days will be spent on a BOS.

MY Experience

Personal profile

Eating. Cooking. Cutting tape. 

  • Multiple Victorian state Open Ironman Champion

  • Victorian state Open Board Champion

I’ve spent most of my clubby life living in the bay in Williamstown, Melbourne Victoria. It was challenging down there, where I was doing most of my training on my own. Getting up to paddle in the dark of winter, often in temperatures below ten degrees. I was pretty much my own coach. 

Despite that the Baywave can give some awesome swells, most of the time it’s flat, thus I moved to the Gold Coast in 2022, to better pursue a career as a professional clubby.

My days in Gold Coast are tough, I start them off with a morning swim, then straight to work at Gold Coast Tipis, hauling timber, followed by an afternoon craft session at the beach. But it’s all worth it. 

I think my goal is like most who move to the Gold Coast, I would love to have a year in the series, which would be special as it would give inspiration to all the little Baywave groms out there. But more importantly I want to have a positive impact on people, if I can have a positive influence on the those that I meet, than it means that I am living my life the right way.

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