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I have spent my whole career on BOS and started as a fresh U17 paddler with my junior club Warilla Barrack-Point SLSC and stayed on the best ski’s in the business, now with Burleigh Mowbray Park SLSC under coach Michael King.


BOS ski’s are constantly developing their ski technology to give athletes the best chance of achieving optimum results, the service given by Reece and crew is the best in the business.

MY Experience

Personal profile

Anything to do with surf sports, fishing and a BBQ enthusiast.

  • 1st U/19 Ironman & 2nd Ski Aussies 2012

  • 1st NSW Open Iron

  • 1st World U20 Ski 2012

  • Australian Teams - Youth Team Japan 2012Open South Africa, Italy 2022, NSW Country, NSW, Queensland Surf Team member

  • Nutri Grain Athlete since 2014, 2nd overall 2022/23

  • Aussies belt

  • Aussies 2022 2nd Ironman, 2nd Ski

I’m a pretty private person and don’t feel all that comfortable talking about
myself. Helping others is important to me and sharing any achievements I have with the people who have helped me obtain them is special.

Growing up on the South Coast of NSW gave me the opportunity to have an appreciation of the great outdoors and still enjoy the chance to fish hunt camp and surf.


Sports have always played an important part in my junior days and I have tried many of them but decided to give surf sports a crack after some moderate success in my late teens. I made a big decision to leave my family, job and home to move to Gold Coast to train and gain entry into Nutri Grain series. After making the series I’ve experienced the roller coaster ride of competition in sports left me wondering if I would ever taste success. Persevering over the paste eight years has allowed me to build confidence in my racing and preparation to race where now I’m a chance to win every race. 'You only get out what you put in', is key to my beliefs.


Working as a carpenter is a job I enjoy, the variety it provides in different sites and materials keeps it interesting. The physical work compliments the surf sports although managing working in the Goldy heat creates some challenges.


Loyalty is important to me and I am grateful for the support of sponsors KJ
Scaffolding, BOS skis, Dolphin surf craft, Bennet paddles, Engine and both
Currumbin and Burleigh Mowbray park Surf Clubs. Still aiming to achieve some goals with a win in ironman at Aussies being top of the list. To be able to share that with family friends would be amazing.

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