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Surf Ski , Double Ski


I have been with Reece and the BOS team since day dot. I bought my first ever 2nd hand ski directly off Reece in 2017 and have gone back every time since. Some of my best memories within surf sports have been on a BOS ski and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have owned multiple different models of BOS skis and have personally witnessed the research and development the team at BOS have put into making all their models from the big things such as change of shapes to the little things like the movement of venturi holes to slightly off center to help the water drain out of footwells. I have always loved the way my BOS single and double skis run through the water and pop over waves with such ease. For these reasons and many more I will always go to Reece and the team at BOS.

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Personal profile

Other than surf lifesaving I enjoy my surfing. I can also play instruments like the saxophone and guitar.

  • 2021 Australian and NSW U19 double ski champion

  • 2021 NSW U19 single ski

  • 2022 Australian U23 world championship touring team of Hungary

  • 2022 Australian U21 Asia Pacific touring team of Japan

  • 2022 NSW Community Sports Awards nominee for JNR Coach of the Year

I have done surf lifesaving my entire life and been a competitive member of Swansea Belmont SLSC since the U6s and can honestly never see myself leaving.  I was never a very strong competitor in the nippers and almost quit completely before I discovered ski paddling. I have now been a ski paddler and just a ski paddler for five years and it paid off in 2021 when I won the U19 single ski at NSW state on my home beach and then won the U19 double ski at state and Aussies at Maroochydore. Ski paddling led me to kayaking which in just this past year has taken me around the world doing what I love and exposed me to some of the greatest coaches and support staff Australia has to offer. For this I am forever grateful.


Outside of surf sports I am currently a council lifeguard in Newcastle and studying primary school teaching at the University of Newcastle. In my minimal free time (especially between November to early April) I love to get away and go camping and/or surfing. Even just for one night, anything to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and just relax. In the shorter periods of free time, I enjoy walking my dog and spending time with my friends and family.

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