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Alastair DAY

Professional Ironman/Swimmer







Surf Ski & Swim


I’ve been with BOS since I could paddle a ski, I’ve actually lost count on how many ski’s Reece has made me over the years. Somehow, they seem to get better and better each time I get a new one. I still love the feeling of getting a new ski. I still remember turning up to the factory and picking up my first one, it was a white ski with red, blue, and pink stripes not sure what I was thinking back then. Reece has been there for me throughout my entire career, through the highs and the lows, he’s much more than a ski manufacturer to me, always checking in on me as a person first then as an athlete second. He goes above and beyond when it comes to making ski’s, I’ll never paddle another ski.

MY Experience

Personal profile

Anything to do with the ocean I really enjoy doing in particular surfing when I get a chance. 

  • 8 x Coolangatta Gold Champion

  • 4 x Nutri Grain Ironman Series Champion 

  • 3 x Australian Ironman Champion

  • 1 x World Ironman Champion

  • Co creator of ACTV Strength Co and The Gentlemen Routine

I was born in Sydney but as a 2-year-old my parents moved down to live on the South Coast of NSW in a town called Kiama. I loved growing up there and when I retire, I’ll move back home. As a kid I played a heap of different sports, my favorite being footy. I still love it to this day it’s what I watch and read about daily. But the love of the ocean and wanting to be an Ironman was it for me.


I moved out of home when I was 20 up to Mooloolaba to pursue a career in Ironman, I spent five years of my life there and it was around that time I met my girlfriend now wife Kel who is also from the NSW South Coast. I like to think of this time as my apprenticeship as an Ironman.

We then moved down to the Gold Coast and have been here ever since, we love our lifestyle down here. Kel and I have a young son Danny who we love spending our time with. I’m a member of Surfers Paradise SLSC a club I love being a part of. 

I have a passion for helping people outside of sport hence why I helped co create both ACTV Strength Co Gyms as well as The Gentlemen Routine which is a men’s moisturizer. 

I plan on racing for another season and in the meantime working on the transition out of racing in to work. I have been so grateful for my career as an Ironman, and I’m really excited about the next chapter in my life. 

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