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The BOS - Reece Bosward

Mad about all sports all of my life with a focus on ocean and surf paddling for close to 30 years. I have been personally building surf skis for the past nine years, obsessively overseeing every aspect of all BOS skis. You don’t have to worry about the quality and performance of your craft because I do.

BOS Oceansport


BOS Oceansport (BOS) is a fresh new look on surf ski designs and innovation moving away from the current skis designs on the market to give todays surf athletes every chance to further their performance. Listening to feedback from top athletes in surf and ocean sport and genuinely trying to better performance in all areas. The Raptor range has been a collaborative effort, with Reece Bosward and Kendrick Louis starting the ball rolling with a list of performance ‘must haves’ for our craft. Hand shaped prototypes were tested and retested with the final mock-ups handed over to Andrew Dovell of Dovell Navel Architects for technical assistance.


Andrew’s experience in CAD, his exceptional knowledge of the principals of what makes water-craft most efficient and his contacts in the industry have enabled us to produce dynamic products of the highest performance, quality and efficiency possible.


At BOS we would not expect you to be happy with our products if we were not happy ourselves.








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